Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year's Edition: La Finca

Everybody left town for the family finca to celebrate New Years', and we were no different. Can you blame us? Citrus trees lining the driveway, guanabanas thumping off their trees, ripe and too heavy to hold on any longer, hummingbirds flitting in and out of the flowers hanging next to the hammocks...did somebody say Cali? My whole body ached after the week-long salsa-a-thon a.k.a. the Feria, and did I mention the hammocks?

This particularly beautiful finca, located in el Eje Cafetero (the Coffee Region), is owned by Lucy and Roberto, two retired university professors who are old friends of Felipe's family. Run down and lifeless when they bought it 20 years ago, they have slowly filled it with greenery and antiques. Ancient sewing machines, corn grinders, and even a coffee bean miller (Our neighbor lost his hand in one of these! -Roberto) line the walls. We eat arepas and fried eggs for breakfast and sancocho cooked over a wood fire for lunch; all in all pretty idyllic, and not a bad way to bring in the new year, not a bad way at all.

Happy 2014 to all! Especially to those freezing their culitos off in the Northern Hemisphere (not to mention those roasting in 110ºF weather in the Southern one)! Sometimes you just got to get some equator in your life.

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