Thursday, January 16, 2014

Condoricosas: Someone's Comic Fantasy...Just Not Mine

I enjoy moteles probably more than the next girl-- whereas some people might see sex motels as sleazy and to be avoided at all costs -- and I certainly did at one time-- I find the best ones to be rather entertaining, an interactive living museum of sorts. And after my experience at Kiss Me last year, it was only natural that the other (and original) motel by the same owner of Kiss Me, Condoricosas, deserved a visit.

I should probably preface the following by saying that before going to this motel, I was not aware that it was based on a comic strip character. I just thought, Condors, this should be interesting! Which is not to say that I wouldn't have gone had I known, but it sort of made it all worse after the fact. But ok, let's get it out of the way: Condorito is a Chilean comic strip, and a rather conservative, machista one at that. Super hot.

You enter Condoricosas to life-sized statues of animals and, of course, Condorito in various incarnations. There is clearly a tendency to overdecorate, making the shared ownership between Kiss Me and Condoricosas apparent, but Condoricosas lacks the over the top mental-patient-illustrating-the-history-of-the-world nuttiness that Kiss Me revels in and just seems a bit (no laughing) trashy and run down.

Condoricosas is, of course, a motel temático, or more accurately a double motel temático as the rooms are not only "international travel" themed but also incorporate Condorito into the themes. We were given a French conquest-themed room, which translated into murals of Condorito in French soldier garb, elaborate Fleur de Lys decorations, and a large mirror directly above the French-king-in-a-Disney-cartoon bed.

As far as standard motel requirements -- cheap, clean, private, and with free condoms (I don't know if this is a legal requirement but all motels in Cali seem to provide them. A+++, guys) -- Condoricosas does just fine. At the end of the day (or on their lunch breaks, as it were), most people go to these places to have sex and are, I would imagine, fairly unconcerned with the decorative sense and humor quotient of the facilities. I suppose one of my main complaints with Condoricosas is that I found the dual comic book character/international destination themes confusing, or just unappealing. Yes, I am a discerning customer. And for that reason I must tell you, if you're looking for entertainment value (and I always am), Kiss Me reigns supreme.

Should you happen to harbor an unrealized Condorito fantasy, or just want to check Condoricosas out for the hell of it:

Residencias Condoricosas
Carrera 8 No. 24-24
Cali, Colombia

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  1. No puedo creer que fueron a ese Chuzo jaja. Pobre Felipe las que le toca pasar