Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Virtual Chanukah: Day 6

Virtual Chanukah continues around here, albeit a bit less frequently than I had planned on (more on that later!), today with my younger sister, who is currently bundled up at my parents' house in Minneapolis when she could be at the beach, here, with me. Cough.
Gorgeous black dress, because you're only 20 once.

Solid, basic cookbook, for someone beginning to really cook on her own (and in California, no less)

Leather belt, because it's always nice to have a good one

Double wall glass mug, which keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, all the way looking very pretty

Hababi, a graphic novel that has gotten great reviews for addressing really complex (and difficult) subjects with an enormous amount of artistic virtuosity

Chambray shirt, for someone who shares my general sense of dread at having to get dressed in the morning, because it goes with almost everything

Like and dislike stamps, for obvious reasons

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